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12 Months guaranteed workmanship

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This does not affect your statutory rights. Supplier "us" client "you, customer"

5.1. The Supplier provides to the Client, in addition to any statutory rights which the Client may have, a guarantee that the services provided under this contract shall be free from defective or flawed materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the completion of the services, notwithstanding that this guarantee shall not apply to:

a) Defects or flaws which are as a result of any misuse, failure to adequately and properly maintain, neglect or failure to follow instructions or recommendations on the part of the Client.

b) Any defect or flaw which is caused by mechanical or chemical damage (which is not in itself a result of some defect in the workmanship or materials) and which arises after risk in the property has passed to the Client.

5.2. The Supplier shall, at his sole discretion, determine the manner in which he will satisfy this guarantee, whether by repairing re-performing or replacing the services or by refunding to the Client all or part of the monies which have been paid.

5.3. Where the Client considers that the services are defective upon delivery or performance then he shall notify the Supplier of this within days, failing which he shall not be entitled to claim the benefit of this guarantee.

5.4. This guarantee shall not become effective until the Client has paid the Supplier in full, failing which the Client shall not be entitled to claim the benefit of this guarantee

Our terms and conditions are included in our written quotations.

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